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What Is Pathogenic Parenting Syndrome?

Pathogenic Parenting Syndrome is a delusional pathology that children develop when one of their parents becomes Pathogenic and suffers from the mental illness called Pathogenic Parenting Delusional Disorder. The word "Patho" means Pathological and the word "Genesis" means Creation. So Pathogenic Parenting describes parenting that is so abnormal or pathological, that by way of their aberrant…
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Professional Misunderstanding of Parental Alienation

Mistaking alienation for estrangement In a previous posting on the topic of parental alienation, I noted that alienating parents’ disavowal of responsibility for their children’s rejection of the other parent continues to find support among advocates who claim that the concept of unjustified parental alienation is harmful to children. They maintain that the concept of…
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What Is Pathogenic Parenting Disorder

The aberrant & distorted behaviors and parenting practices of a Pathogenic Parent are actually the symptoms of a psychopathology called Pathogenic Parenting Disorder. Pathogenic Parenting Disorder is a form of Delusional Disorder and the delusions that this parent is experiencing are of the Persecutory subtype (delusions that the person or someone to whom the person is close…
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