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The Triangulation Bridge And Parental Alienation

A significant concept that explains Parental Alienation in behavioral science is called triangulation. Triangulation describes when a child becomes part of the conflict between parents as a third party. This triangulation occurs in order to stabilize one of the parents in a co-parenting relationship either before or after divorce. There are several types of triangulation,…
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Is Parental Alienation A Crime?

Roland Thomas was the victim of a crime.* Yet the perpetrator of that offense was not arrestable. When Roland and Amy, his wife, decided to end their marriage, Mr. Thomas had no idea that nearly four years would pass until he could spend time with Mindy, his daughter. Roland would miss all that parents treasure…
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What Is Pathogenic Parenting?

To understand Pathogenic Parenting Disorder and Syndrome the new psychopathology that explains Parental Alienation we first must understand the meaning of Pathogenic Parenting. Parental Alienation has no clinical definition in Behavioral Health Science and is just the term that has been used by everyone to describe the pathology without an understanding that there are significant…
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