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For many years alienated parents have suffered the pain of losing their children to the serious emotional abuse which is commonly known as “Parental Alienation”. Finally after years of hardship, a team of dedicated professionals have made breakthroughs in understanding, treating and ending the family tragedy which has come to be known as “Parental Alienation”. The clues to the mystery have been in front of our eyes for a long time and we now have the solution to help the victims of “Parental Alienation”. Our dedicated team can assist attorneys and their victims in getting help for this serious problem that is actually an extreme form of child abuse. No one ever need to lose a child again!

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We are a group of devoted child advocate, mental health and legal professionals dedicated to ending the family tragedy of parental alienation. Using the latest work from the greatest minds in clinical psychology our parental alienation and litigation consulting services can help diagnose, treat and end parental alienation saving children from a lifetime of serious emotional problems. We can provide assistance to attorneys representing the victims of parental alienation and directly to the victims of parental alienation. Our goal is to eliminate this serious problem from our society. Request a free consultation before the terrible family tragedy of parental alienation claims another beautiful parent child relationship.

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In the past mental health professionals and the family courts have blindly provided custody orders placing the children in the sole custody of the abusive parents and unknowingly become a party to the abuse that has come to be commonly known as “parental alienation”. Our firm specializes in providing parental alienation and litigation consulting services worldwide to assist the victims of parental alienation and the attorneys representing them. Using the latest breakthroughs from clinical psychology and discoveries made in the past by some of the greatest minds in psychology we finally have the answers to this problem and can put an end to this serious form of child abuse.