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The Triangulation Bridge And Parental Alienation

A significant concept that explains Parental Alienation in behavioral science is called triangulation. Triangulation describes when a child becomes part of the conflict between parents as a third party. This triangulation occurs in order to stabilize one of the parents in a co-parenting relationship either before or after divorce. There are several types of triangulation,…
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What Is Pathogenic Parenting Disorder

The aberrant & distorted behaviors and parenting practices of a Pathogenic Parent are actually the symptoms of a psychopathology called Pathogenic Parenting Disorder. Pathogenic Parenting Disorder is a form of Delusional Disorder and the delusions that this parent is experiencing are of the Persecutory subtype (delusions that the person or someone to whom the person is close…
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Is Parental Alienation Really A Syndrome?

An Understanding Of Parental Alienation Based On Behavioral Health Science In the past parental alienation has been used by everyone to quickly describe what are actually significant behavioral health science & legal issues of severe mental illness & child abuse that causes a child to terminate their relationship with a normal, loving, and supportive parent…
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