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What Is Pathogenic Parenting Delusional Disorder

The aberrant & distorted behaviors and parenting practices of a Pathogenic Parent are actually the symptoms of psychopathology called Pathogenic Parenting Disorder. Pathogenic Parenting Disorder is a form of Delusional Disorder and the delusions that this parent is experiencing are of the Persecutory Subtype  (delusions that the person or someone to whom the person is close is…
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The Impact of Parental Alienation On Children

Undermining Loving Parent-Child Relationships As Child Maltreatment What children of divorce most want and need is to maintain healthy and strong relationships with both of their parents, and to be shielded from their parents' conflicts. Some parents, however, in an effort to bolster their parental identity, create an expectation that children choose sides. In more…
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Parental Alienation Syndrome: What Is It, and Who Does It?

I have had a run recently in my clinical practice on cases of parental alienation syndrome. Instead of talking cooperatively in the manner I teach in my book The Power of Two, these spouses and ex-spouses interact as adversaries toward their partner. Worse, they develop an exaggeratedly negative view, more fiction than reality, of the…
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