Our Solution

We offer a comprehensive solution to end parental alienation, which we developed using the latest research and understanding of parental alienation and based on established behavioral health science constructs and principles. To get started with our invaluable assistance and our innovative solution to end parental alienation, we require payment of a retainer in the amount of $2,500. As part of our solution, we include the following list of services:

1. Four hours of litigation consultation in which we create a comprehensive parental alienation litigation strategy custom-designed for your case, developed using our innovative and groundbreaking approach to dealing with parental alienation in the family courts. With our assistance, the litigation strategy we create will be used by your attorney to address all of the family court issues related to parental alienation, such as child protection, parenting time, and reunification. This litigation strategy and consultation services will be the key to implementing our comprehensive solution to end parental alienation.

2. Four hours of expert testimony provided by an experienced clinical psychologist who specializes in the parental alienation pathology, by video or phone conference, allowing us to provide testimony worldwide.

3. A comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis protocol designed explicitly for the parental alienation pathology and to assess the children for the clinical indicators of parental alienation. This assessment can provide evidence of parental alienation needed to gain the family court’s assistance in dealing with the abuse of parental alienation.

4. A comprehensive goal-correcting visitation schedule and remedy protocol custom designed to provide a remedy to the pathology and facilitate therapy that can work to reunite an alienated child with a parent. The final goal to eliminate parental alienation, reunite parent and child, and prevent future alienation.

5. Two hours of parental alienation coaching and counseling services directly to the alienated parent. This service can make a difference in achieving a solution to end parental alienation because half the battle is understanding what you’re dealing with when it comes to parental alienation.

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