Pathogenic Parenting

What Is Pathogenic Parenting?

To understand Pathogenic Parenting Disorder and Syndrome the new psychopathology that explains Parental Alienation we first must understand the meaning of Pathogenic Parenting. Parental Alienation has no clinical definition in Behavioral Health Science and is just the term that has been used by everyone to describe the pathology without an understanding that there are significant issues of mental illness involved and there are clear behavioral science principles & constructs that exist to explain exactly what is happening. The correct behavioral health science construct that accurately represents the pathology of parental alienation is something called Pathogenic Parenting. The word “Patho” means Pathological and the word “Genesis” means Creation. So Pathogenic Parenting describes parenting that is so abnormal or pathological, that by way of their aberrant and distorted behaviors and parenting practices, the Pathogenic Parent creates mental illness in a child that causes the child to terminate or cut off their relationship with the other parent and also other family members.

David Fluss Expert & Litigation Consultant

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