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Parental Alienation

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A Breakthrough Understanding Of Parental Alienation

For many years alienated parents have suffered the pain of losing their children to what has commonly come to be know as Parental Alienation. Finally after years of hardship, behavioral health scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding this family tragedy which we now have come to understand is a serious form of psychological child abuse.

The clues to the mystery have been in front of our eyes for a long time and we now have the answers to help the victims of Parental Alienation. Unknown to us in the past, Parental Alienation is caused by serious mental health issues and in its most severe form is a family pathology called Pathogenic Parenting Syndrome.

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I am a dedicated child advocate, legal and behavioral health professional committed to ending the family tragedy of parental alienation. Using the latest research and work from some of the greatest minds in behavioral health science we can help the victims of parental alienation and save parents and their children from a lifetime of abuse and mental health issues.

I specialize in providing expert and litigation consulting services to the victims of parental alienation and the attorneys representing them. Find out how I can help stop the abuse request a free consultation before the terrible family tragedy of Parental Alienation claims another beautiful parent child relationship.