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For many years parents have suffered the pain of losing their children to the serious form of abuse commonly known as Parental Alienation. Finally, after years of hardship, behavioral health science experts have made breakthroughs in providing help to parental alienation victims and a solution to end the abuse known as parental alienation. From a behavioral science perspective, We now understand that parental alienation is not just a high conflict custody dispute but actually issues of serious mental illness that emanate from undiagnosed psychopathology in a personality disordered parent. The clues to the mystery have been in front of our eyes for a long time and we now have the solution to help the victims of Parental Alienation which in its most extreme form is a serious mental health condition called Pathogenic Parenting Syndrome when one of the parents suffers from psychopathology called Pathogenic Parenting Delusional Disorder.

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We are a specialized team of behavioral science experts who provide expert and litigation consulting services to the victims of parental alienation and the attorneys representing them. Using the latest work from the greatest minds in law and behavioral health science we can save you and your children from experiencing a lifetime of emotional pain and mental health issues caused by what has commonly come to be known as Parental Alienation. Unlike the past where families lives are almost certainly ruined by this insidious and serious form of abuse, our dedicated team can provide you with a solution to end the horrible tragedy of Parental Alienation. Our civil and family law parental alienation expert and litigation consulting services are based on a breakthrough new understanding of Parental Alienation which is supported by the latest behavioral science research and is backed up by established behavioral science principles and constructs.

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In the past, mental health professionals and the family courts have blindly provided custody orders placing the children in the sole custody of the abusive parents and unknowingly become a party to the abuse that has come to be known as parental alienation. Unknown to the court for years now targeted parents have actually become the victims of a form of domestic abuse. Our firm specializes in providing civil and family law parental alienation expert and litigation consultation worldwide to assist the victims of Parental Alienation and the attorneys representing them. Our services are based on the latest research and discoveries by some of the greatest minds in behavioral health science who have studied parental alienation over the last fifty years. We now have the answers and understanding based on proven scientific evidence to discover, prevent and provide a solution to this serious form of domestic & child abuse that ruins parents & children’s lives