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We are a team of dedicated parental alienation experts and litigation consultants who are committed to helping the victims of parental alienation. Using the latest breakthroughs in behavioral health science and research. We now know parental alienation is just a common culture label for the problem. Rather than an official behavioral health science term. We discovered what used to be known as Parental Alienation. Where one parent influences a child into permanently rejecting or ending a relationship with the other normal and healthy parent. To be serious issues of mental illness, domestic abuse, and child abuse. A breakthrough understanding of a new pathology known as Pathogenic Parenting Syndrome.

We offer a comprehensive parental alienation expert evaluation and litigation consultation to provide assistance in getting help for the family pathology of parental alienation for $1,200. We offer this service to help victims in their fight to end parental alienation and save their children from the abuse. You must act quickly to save your children and yourselves from the abuse before it’s too late. Based on our research and experiences, time is of the essence. If you do not act quickly in real cases of Parental Alienation, you will lose your children to the pathology forever. Our comprehensive parental alienation expert evaluation and litigation consultation can make a difference in what you need to do to fight parental alienation successfully. Preventing yourself from wasting thousands of dollars on services from so-called experts such as social workers, psychologists, and attorneys that won’t help and become a part of the problem. Simply because they lack an understanding of the behavioral health science which provides a detailed understanding of how to deal with Parental Alienation.

To successfully fight and end Parental Alienation everyone involved in helping your family needs to understand what is happening based on behavioral health science. That parental alienation is a serious issue of mental illness and child abuse rather than just a high conflict custody case. It is hard to believe but based on our experience and research, 99.9% of the social workers, psychologists, attorneys, and judges usually called upon to help with the pathology. Have zero understanding of what parental alienation is. Based on this lack of understanding, they become a part of the problem rather than a solution. We will work with you to evaluate your situation and create a strategy to fight and end parental alienation. Specifically designed for your situation and your financial resources. We will make sure that you only spend money on what works to save your children from the abuse. We will help you do what is needed to save your child from the abuse and restore your relationship with them.

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